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Darul Wahid - A Mosque ( Masjid ) with innovation, care and share for the community


The success of the mosque and center depends on your generous support. Please participate in this noble cause with your openhanded contribution to establish the house of Allah. May Allah make it easier for all of us to donate from the wealth Allah has so kindly sanctioned us.

About Us

Darul Wahid is a vision conceived and nurtured by the concerned Muslims living in the neighborhood of Jamaica, Hollis, Queens Village, in the state of New York with the aim to establish a better community. We always value togertherness with diversity and peace.


We are hosting 5 times daily prayers, Weekly Jumuah prayer, daily Hadaith reading, weekend classes for Youngsters, ladies Halakah, Dawah activity and much more .

Online Donation:   All the charity is going towards building new masjid in the locality.
All Donations are tax exempted.
Offline Donation
Check or Money Order payable to
Masjid Mailing Address: 173-31 104th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11433

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